Infrastructure Engineer

Wanted: A full-stack Infrastructure Engineer for a small start-up.

Job Profile

We are looking for a full stack Infrastructure Engineer for a sports trading environment. Skills and responsibilities will be balanced across the four following general technical areas listed in order of importance:

  • Linux server infrastructure and virtualisation
  • Networking
  • Windows and Linux desktop support
  • Windows server infrastructure

Primarily we use Linux systems (mostly Ubuntu, with some CentOS). In our data centres these are mostly run as LXC containers. We still need reasonable Windows server skills for our single sign-on between Active Directory, FreeIPA, G Suite, and IaaS platforms.

On the networking side we use a mixture of virtual and physical technologies, namely: VyOS, Open vSwitch, HPE ArubaOS / ProVision & Comware. We are looking for conceptual knowledge rather than experience with those particular technologies.

The users you would be supporting are highly intelligent and friendly. Primarily they are the internal trading, development and quant teams.

This is a mixed operations and project role with a large and interesting project pipeline. You will need to be able to appropriately prioritise work due to varying operational conditions, and also document it as you go. We take an informal but systematic approach to this, using Phabricator from Facebook as a toolkit. The role is characterised by troubleshooting our internally developed applications across the full infrastructure stack, commonly through layers of network technologies. Our applications are mainly written in Python, with Golang being the second language. Some other stack technologies you are likely to troubleshoot: DNS, Postgresql, LVM, DRBD, LDAP, Kerberos, DHCP, SSH, RabbitMQ & ZeroMQ.

Candidate Profile

In short, you need to muck in to support and troubleshoot anything and everything. We are looking for the right sort of person rather than a shopping list of skills. You need to bring a rigorous approach to the weakest of your technical areas, in addition to playing to your natural strengths.

The training philosophy is to provide learning opportunities, and stretch tasks from our backlog. We want someone who can self start on project work, and similarly is not afraid to approach in-depth troubleshooting across the full application stack. We are open to applicants with a spread of experience levels across the four technical spheres.

Interview Process

There are some requirements for the covering note on your application:

  • Given the wide variety of candidate profiles, this role does not have a fixed salary. You will need to specify your salary expectations.
  • As part of the interview process we like to discuss in depth at least one of your relevant project achievements. We recommend that your covering note contains nominations for this from projects mentioned on your CV. Optionally you may elaborate on the project(s) to any length on your cover note. If an elaboration is provided, this will be given the same weight as your CV.

We will generally follow a two stage process of a filtering telephone interview, potentially followed by a face to face interview. We can accommodate evening slots in addition to more regular business hours.

To apply please send your CV and covering letter:


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